Horizontal Biomass Carbonization Furnace

Capacity: 4-12m3
Heat Source: Biomass, natural gas, diesel, etc

【Application】log, wood, jute stick and other long rod-type biomass.

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  Dingli horizontal biomass carbonization furnace is specially used for log, wood, jute stick, and other long rod-type biomass characteristics adopts horizontal structure, cart entry, and exit raw material and the advanced hot gas dry carbonization process technology, using a unique carbonization flue gas (volatile hydrogen material and tar, etc.) Back Burning Technology, make full use of the flue gas produced by carbonization process, meet the thermal needs of carbonization furnace itself, greatly increase the carbonization rate, the carbonization rate increased from 80% to more than 95%, and easy to operate, safety and environmental protection, high production efficiency, can save a lot of energy, is the ideal equipment for carbonizing the long rod type biomass material. The combination mode of multiple devices, use carbonized flue gas in tandem, can reduce fuel consumption during carbonization production and improve the enterprise benefit.

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Model Capacity(m³) Inner Tank Diameter(m) Inner Tank Length(m)
DLWT1625 4.0 1.5 2.5
DLWT1935 8.0 1.9 3.5
DLWT1955 12 1.9 3.5

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