Screw Dehydrators

Capacity: 20-75 t/d
Heat Source: Biomass, natural gas, diesel, etc

【Application】Vinasse, bean dregs, sludge and other high wet materials

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Screw dehydrators can be widely used for the dehydration process of high-moisture materials, such as vinasse, wood powder, pomace, medical residues, cassava dregs, and food waste. This kind of dehydrator could take off 20% to 25% moisture of the wet materials, lower the energy cost and reduce the duty of BSG dryers, which can significantly increase the output. Therefore it is necessary equipment for the drying process of high-moisture materials. The output can be directly delivered into the drying equipment, greatly lower the energy consumption for the following process.

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Model Capacity(t/d) Power(kw) Area(m²)
DLLT300-1 20~30 15 2.1
DLLT300-2 45~60 30 4.2
DLLT300-3 60~75 45 6.6

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