Cow Dung Rotary Dryer

Capacity: 31-180 t/d
Heat Source: Biomass, natural gas, diesel, etc

【Application】suitable to drying poultry manure, chicken manure, cow dung, bean dregs, cassava dregs and other material.

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    The cow dung processed by the cow dung dryer is an organic fertilizer that can be used in many industries. It is a good green fertilizer for growing fruits and vegetables; it can also be used as feed for pigs, chickens, and fish; it can also grow mushrooms. The cow dung has been fully utilized.

    Dingli cow dung dryer can dry fresh cow dung with a moisture content of 65% through high-temperature drying, disinfection, and decomposition, and produce pure cow dung organic fertilizer with a moisture content of less than 13%. The cow dung dryer has the characteristics of excellent structure, simple operation, large production capacity, and a high degree of automation. Deodorization and sterilization can be achieved during the drying process.

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Model Capacity(t/h) Power(kw) Area(m²)
DLSG1408 31 40 5m*14m
DLSG1610 45 55 6*16m
DLMG2010/3 87.5 95 8×16m
DLMG2210/3 104 100 8*16m
DLMG2210/3 122 125 10*16m
DLSG2510/3 150 145 10*18m
DLSG2912/3 181 165 10*20m


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