Organic Fertilizer Production Line

Capacity: 0.5-30 t/h
Heat Source: Biomass, natural gas, diesel, etc

【Application】Chicken manure, cattle manure, pig manure, pigeon dung and other poultry manure, straw and other agricultural wastes, biogas residue, kitchen garbage.

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The cow dung, chicken manure, kitchen waste and some other organic waste are good materials for making organic fertilizers. Forming an organic fertilizer production line, you can recycle these organic wastes in an economic way. Making this fertilizer can improve the soil condition and soil fertility.

Dingli has developed a complete set of equipment for the production line of organic fertilizer, a rapid fermentation, drying, granulation, and mixing of animal waste and various waste residue agricultural, food, kitchen, and other materials. This is complete equipment from raw material collection to finished product packaging.

Composition analysis of Cow Dung, Chicken Manure, Pig Manure,

1.Cow dung: The cow dung contains that 14.5% organic matter, N:0.30 ~ 0.45%, and P:0.15 ~ 0.25%, and K:0.10 ~ 0.15%. It is a kind of very good soil fertilizer. The content of organic matter in the cow dung is the lowest among the livestock manure. A slow-acting fertilizer.

2.Chicken manure: Chicken manure contains rich nutrients. That is contain the dry matter:89.8%, crude protein:28.8%, and crude fiber:12.7%, and digestible protein:14.4%, and nitrogen-free extract:28.8%, and phosphorus:2.6% Calcium:8.7%,Histidine:0.23%,methionine:0.11%, leucine:0.87%, lysine:0.53%, phenylalanine:0.46%.Through proper processing and utilization, it can be a very good green organic fertilizer or chicken feed, Chicken manure as farm manure, have higher efficiency than pig manure, cow dung etc. each ton sticky chicken manure containing plant nutrients :N:11.35 kg, P(P2O5):10.44 kg,K (K2O):5.45 kg. 1. In addition, the chicken manure contains a lot of organic matter, also can be used for making biogas feedstock.

3.Pig manure: Pig manure contains 15% organic matter (the total nutrient content is not high), N:0.5 ~ 0.45, P:0.6% ~ 0.5%, K:0.35 ~ 0.45%. Pig manure texture is fine, the composition is complex, containing protein, fat, organic acids, cellulose, semi cellulose, and inorganic salt. Pig manure containing more nitrogen, carbon and nitrogen ratio (14:1). Generally easy to be microbial decomposition.

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Model Chicken Manure(m³/h) Cow Manure(m³/h) Power(kw)
DLFG1212 1-2 2-3 22-30
DLFG1412 2-4 3-5 26-40
DLFG1615 3-6 5-7 35-50
DLFG1916 6-8 8-10 40-60
DLFG2012/3 12-20 15-25 65-80
DLFG2512/3 25-30 30-40 90-120

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