Single Drum Rotary Dryer

Capacity: 1.35-3.2 t/h
Heat Source: Biomass, natural gas, diesel, etc

【Application】Organic fertilizer, compound fertilizer, dregs and other powder, small particle, non sticking property and weak bond material

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    Single drum rotary dryer as know as a single-cylinder dryer. It is used in food, feed, fertilizer, chemical, pharmaceutical, mining industries. According to the different requirements about the dryer. We have a different heat source. For example, direct heating model hot blast stove, indirect hot blast stove, heat conduction oil, electric heating, steam, etc. This dryer is suitable for drying the material with the moisture of less than 65%.

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Model Capacity(t/d) power(kw) Area(m²)
DLGT1210 20-45 270±30 5×15
DLGT1412 25-65 270±30 5×18
DLGT1615 40-90 270±30 6×22
DLGT1918 50-125 270±30 7×25
DLGT2218 70-220 320±30 8×30
DLGT2523 90-320 320±30 10×35
DLGT2925 110-400 320±30 10×40

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