The wood chip drum dryer ordered by the Malaysian customer is loaded and shipped

Time: 2020-06-03 Author: Dingli Group


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    The customized wood chip dryer equipment of Malaysian customers in our company has been completed and was successfully loaded and shipped yesterday, adding another successful case for our company's wood chip dryer in overseas markets.

    Sawdust dryer is our company's main product, mainly designed and manufactured for the drying of wood processing by-products such as wood chips, wood flour, sawdust, wood bran, broken wood blocks, crushed bark branches, wood shavings and other materials. The sawdust dryer adopts three-channel rotary drum. Compared with the single cylinder, the thermal efficiency is increased by about 40-55%, and the energy consumption is more than doubled. The basic area is saved by about 65% compared with the single cylinder dryer, and the land occupation cost and project construction cost are lower. It can make full use of the residual heat of the heat medium, reduce heat loss, increase the heat exchange area, and greatly increase the evaporation intensity of the unit volume of the dryer, thereby effectively improving the heat energy utilization rate, reducing the energy consumption, and making the dryer thermal efficiency significantly improved.

    Zhengzhou Dingli increased its investment in wood chip dryer technology to achieve the optimization and upgrade of the system structure, mainly taking advantage of intelligence, energy saving and environmental protection as its technical advantages. It has also widely opened up foreign markets, with outstanding achievements, projects spread across five continents, and brand influence strength is rapidly improved.

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