Dingli insect drying production line equipment sent to Malaysia

Time: 2020-08-10 Author: Dingli Group

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    After the insect drying production line equipment ordered by our Malaysian customers is completed, our company will immediately arrange the equipment delivery. The following is the equipment delivery site.

    This morning, the workers in our workshop carried out the equipment loading work. During the equipment loading process, our staff paid attention to details and carefully checked the equipment list to ensure that the main equipment and accessories were complete. After the equipment loading work was completed, the equipment list was checked again Make sure that there is no omission of formal delivery.

    The insect drying production line equipment of this project is designed and manufactured by our company according to the needs of customers. This equipment can quickly dry the materials into high-protein feed, etc. At present, the equipment has been officially sent to Malaysia, and the insect drying equipment will be installed later. You can log on to the Zhengzhou Dingli website to learn about the progress of debugging.

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