How does Dingli Coconut Peat Processing System process coconut peat?

Time: 2021-03-22 Author: Dingli Group


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Coconut grows in many tropical and subtropical countries, such as India, Sri Lanka, Malaysia, the Philippines, and other countries. Coconut peat is a powder of coconut husk fiber, a by-product, or waste of coconut after processing. It is a pure natural organic medium that is shed from the processing of coconut husk fiber. All materials come from pure natural, organic matter, no pathogens, no chemical additives, and meet environmental protection requirements. The processed coconut chaff is very suitable for planting plants and is currently a popular gardening medium. Widely used all over the world, it is a natural environmental protection product that developed countries are committed to promoting and using.

However, fresh coconut bran has high moisture, high salt content, and many impurities, which seriously affect the quality of the sales of coconut bran. Dingli Cocopeat Dryer Machine includes coconut chaff sorting, desalination, dehydration, drying, etc., with high drying efficiency, convenient operation, and flexible configuration. The dried coconut chaff is compressed, has a small storage space, is easy to transport, and greatly reduces storage and transportation costs.

The coconut peat is mostly produced in Southeast Asian countries. For this market, Dingli supply coconut palm dehydrator and the coconut peat drum dryer. At present, the Dingli Coconut Coir Dryer has been exported to many countries to promote the high-quality development of the local coconut palm economy. Detailed information can be consulted online.

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