Peat Dryer

Capacity: 200-2000 t/d
Heat Source: Biomass, natural gas, diesel, etc

【Application】suitable to drying peat, coal slime, lignite,bentonite and other material.

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Peat rotary dryer is a special design for peat of high moisture, big viscosity, small density, low heat resistance, easy cluster, and other character development and market demand product. This peat drying system main included heating source, Break feed equipment, Belt feeding machine, rotary drum, discharge equipment, dust removal, belt discharging machine, induced draft fan, peat combustion, temperature control, power operation system and system structure.

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Model Capacity(m³) Power (kw) Cover area(m²)
DLMG1615 200 85 7*25
DLMG1916 300 109 7*25
DLMG2218 500 128 8*30
DLMG2518 700 143 8*30
DLMG2818 1000 210 8*40
DLMG3422 1500 320 10*45
DLMG4032 2000 460 12*60

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