Coconut Chaff Dryer

Capacity: 0.85-2.5 t/h
Heat Source: Biomass, natural gas, diesel, etc

【Application】Suitable for drying coconut coir, coconut slag, pomace, etc.

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Dingli company has developed the special drying machine for coconut coir, coconut fiber drying production line, can directly be connected with the coconut shell opening and sorting machine, Coconut bran sorting, desalination, dehydration, drying, and the coconut fiber drying process can be finished within 40 minutes. Pipeline operation, labor-saving, energy-saving, and environmental protection, the coconut coir, and fiber quality can be guaranteed to the maximum extent, after high-temperature treatment, the coconut fiber and coir is more clean and environmental protection. This production line is the essential equipment of mechanization, scale and intensive production of coconut coir and fiber.

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Model Capacity(t/h) Power(kw) Weight(kg)
DLCG2006/3 0.85 28-35 22000
DLCG2008/3 1.18 45-66 25000
DLCG2010/3 1.50 56-78 29000
DLCG2012/3 2.00 60-82 32000
DLCG2212/3 2.30 65-85 36000
DLCG2512/3 2.50 90-125 40000

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