Palm Fiber Drying Machine

Capacity: 1-10 t/h
Heat Source: Biomass, natural gas, diesel, etc

【Application】Palm shreds, Palm fiber, Palm husk,Coconut shell,Coconut bran, Shredded coconut,Coconut silk,etc

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    The dedicated palm fiber drum dryer also is known as a palm fiber dryer. It is mainly composed of a hot blast stove, feed conveyor, rotary drum dryer, discharge conveyor, dust collector, power distribution cabinet. After the separation of fiber entering the dryer, it is uniformly distributed in the drum, lifting the material and drop it through the hot air in order to maximize heat transfer. The material is evenly dispersed in the hot air, heat transfer, mass transfer thus dries quickly in the drum. 
    Palm fiber dryer can dry the moisture content of 30-45% palm fiber, fast drying of moisture content is less than 18% of the finished product. Using wood, straw, nutshell waste (or coal, natural gas and diesel oil) for energy, we use all kinds of wet material for hot air and instantaneous high temperature for drying process, the host transmits with electromagnetic or frequency control of motor speed, and equipped with automatic temperature control device for the process of drying fiber with good color, strength, and flexibility.

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Model Capacity(t/d) Power(kw) Area(m²)
DLXG1416 6--10 6.2 8m*24m
DLXG1620 9--13 7.7 6m*30m
DLXG1824 12--16 8.5 6m*38m
DLXG2230 20-24 13.5 8m*46m
DLXG2336 26-30 17 8m*50m


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