Peat Rotary Drum Dryer

Capacity: 300-3000 t/d
Heat Source: Biomass, natural gas, diesel, etc

【Application】grass peat, peat soil, black soil, peat

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Peat roller dryer, also known as paddle-rotary drum dryer, rabble-type rotary drum dryer, rotary rake dryer, rotating paddle drum dryer, the machine is to retain the ordinary roller. Based on the advantages of the dryer, it can not be adapted more than 50% moisture, weak adhesion, drying of adhesive materials, and the disadvantage of low evaporation per unit area and high fuel consumption due to the phenomenon of “black hole” in the center of the drum. Increasing stirring high-speed rotating blades, increasing the crushing and dispersing function of the material, fill the center of the drum "black hole", the material surface area fully expanded, and fully contact with the hot air to evaporate the material moisture, because the material particles are minimized, heat transfer evaporation water velocity raised dramatically. After many of ​​production, practice result provided, that the peat drum dryer than ordinary drum dryer, water evaporation capacity per unit area of ​​25-60kg water / m2 · h, is 1-2 times the ordinary drum dryer, the same size drying Machine capacity increased by more than 50%, fuel energy consumption was reduced by more than 30%, equipment occupied an area of ​​more than 40%, and moisture content of the dried material was more uniform and efficiency increased by more than 40%.

It is suitable for peat, sludge, bean dregs, starch slag, sauce residue, spray corn husk, cassava slag, brewer's grains, distillers' grain, straw, grass, organic fertilizer, chicken cow dung, and other moisture about 50-85% high humidity material drying. The company can optimize the drying process technology design according to the characteristics of each biomass material, output size, application requirements, cost control, degree of automation, on-site conditions. 

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Model Capacity(T/D) Total Power(kw) Covering area(m²)
DLMG1916 300 130 42*16
DLMG2220 500 150 46*16
DLMG2522 800 200 48*16
DLMG2825 1000 250 51*16
DLMG3026 1300 280 52*18
DLMG3228 1500 330 55*18
DLMG3430 1800 380 56*18
DLMG3632 2200 450 58*18
DLMG3835 2700 560 60*18
DLMG4036 3000 660 60*18

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