Henan Pingdingshan Bean Residue Flash Drying Project

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Recently, the installation and commissioning of the Pingdingshan bean dregs flash drying project in Henan Province has been completed, and it has been formally put into production. Bean dregs are the main raw material for making tofu cat litter. At present, domestic and foreign cat litter markets are extremely hot. Tofu cat litter is chosen by more cat litter manufacturers for its excellent quality and moderate price. However, the bean dregs in the main markets are mostly wet bean dregs, with a water content of more than 60%. Dingli bean dregs flash dryer dries the wet bean dregs into dry bean dregs with a moisture content of 9-13%, which meets the raw material requirements for making tofu cat litter. This drying method reduces the energy cost for customers and also brings high economic benefits.

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