Dingli's new slime dryer equipment was officially put into operation in Shanxi

Time: 2020-11-04 Author: Dingli Group

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   At the end of October, Zhengzhou Dingli completed the construction of the environmentally friendly slime dryer equipment for Shanxi customers as scheduled, and realized the test run of the entire production line. At the same time, it has the conditions for commissioning and has been put into use.

Shanxi slime dryer

  The project was designed and contracted by Zhengzhou Dingli to provide a full set of services. This set of equipment adopts a new type of clean heating device to suppress dust emissions and carbon and sulfur pollution at the source. It is also equipped with a belt dust collector and a wet dust collector for mixed use to efficiently collect dust. The characteristics of green, energy saving, and environmental protection meet the needs of coal plants for green and efficient production.

  Zhengzhou Dingli has been operating slime drying equipment for more than ten years. It has cooperated with many large coal companies and exported to Russia and other countries. The quality of equipment and engineering have been improved through continuous actual combat and technical research and development. The high-efficiency and energy-saving slime dryer launched by Dingli truly ensures the real benefits of low energy consumption, high output, low pollution and high return. If you are interested, please contact us.

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