What is the output capacity of the Forage Dryer?

Time: 2021-03-12 Author: Dingli Group

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What is the output of a small Forage Dryer in one hour? Dingli as a dryer manufacturer provides customized machinery, drying 10 tons or 100 tons or more of wet grass every day, alfalfa, oat grass, timothy grass or tree leaves can be dried.

Forage dryers have equipment for drying 10 tons per hour, as well as equipment for drying 100 tons or 300 tons of wet grass per day. In fact, the output of the forage dryer is not limited, and the models of the user's needs can be tailor-made. The forage dryer can work continuously for 8 hours or 24 hours. It can dry alfalfa, oat, ryegrass or king bamboo grass, and timothy grass. It can also dry grass, leaves, green corn stalks, and other feed raw material.

Dingli Hay Grass Dryer can reduce the moisture content of the grass to be about 13% - 15% which is suitable for long term storage and making forage pellets as high-quality animal feed. The pasture grass rotary drum dryers manufactured by Dingli have the ability to not only help with the drying process but make it more efficient.

Dingli as a large-scale dryer manufacturer supply all models of forage drying equipment, the price is high, and the cost performance is higher. Welcome to consult online!

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