How to quickly dry beer grains with a machine

Time: 2021-03-13 Author: Dingli Group


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How to deal with beer lees? How to dry beer grain faster? What equipment should be used? Dingli gives you professional answers and recommendations.

Brewer's grains are the main by-products in beer production. The large amount and high water content (80-85%) make the brewer's grains inconvenient to transport and difficult to use. The most thorough and cost-effective way to deal with waste lees is to dehydrate and dry the lees into a compound feed.

With the diversification of technology, Beer Grains Dryer mainly include steam column tube drum dryer and environmental protection three-layer rotary drum dryer. And according to the global biomass pellet fuel development trend, supply biomass burner supporting beer grain dryer. Dingli Distilled Grain Dryer is suitable for a variety of high-moisture lees such as beer lees and liquor lees. It can quickly dehydrate and dry the wet beer lees with a moisture content of about 85% to dry products with a moisture content of about 10%.

Dingli Brewer Spent Grain Dryer has a high degree of mechanization, large production capacity, convenient operation, low power consumption, and good uniformity of product drying. Various specifications and models of equipment are welcome to consult online.

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