Screw Dehydration Machine for Forage Dewatering

Time: 2021-03-16 Author: Dingli Group


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The Pasture Grass Dewatering Machine is suitable for the dehydration treatment of forage, elephant grass, alfalfa, and other materials.

The Forage Screw Dehydrator is designed according to the superposition compression principle, and the purpose of separating the material water is mainly achieved by the cooperation of the feeding box, the screw shaft, the screen mesh, and the tail cone. The material to be treated is uniformly conveyed to the feed bin of the screw extrusion dewatering machine by a tool such as a screw conveyor, and is filtered by the spiral blade and filtered by the screen, and the water or juice flows through the screen to the water tray under the machine to collect. After being taken up by the pipeline, the dehydrated finished material is output through the conveyor belt.

The spiral extrusion structure has high dehydration efficiency and simple operation, and the dehydrated grass directly enters the dryer, which can effectively reduce the energy consumption of the equipment and reduce the drying cost of the grass. Welcome to consult online.

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