Processing and utilization of pasture grass resources

Time: 2021-03-17 Author: Dingli Group


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In the processing and utilization of pasture resources, many areas have adopted traditional methods for a long time, relying on natural drying and processing of grass powder, but the feed value of forage will lose more than half, which also delaying and waste time.Forage(Silage) drying processing is an emerging industry developed in recent years. Pasture drying project can be used for drying and processing the forage grass, retain the nutrients of the pasture, and the color is bright. Forage Dryer can dry fresh grass materials into hay for long-term preservation, won’t rot and deteriorate.

The application of new drying process in Silage Drying Equipment not only economical and effective, easy to use, saves energy, and the low-temperature drying method makes the drying material better in color, avoid nutrient loss, reduces raw material cost, uniform moisture, good for storage, and opens up a new situation of comprehensive utilization of straw fermentation feedstock. If you have any questions or need to purchase related machinery, you can email us or consult online.

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